Caramel Mix Gift Box - 4oz


The ultimate flavor adventure with our Caramel Mix Gift Box! Delightfully curated, this 4oz box is packed with a tantalizing array of caramel delights, perfect for satisfying every craving and sweet tooth.

Experience our refreshing Peppermint Caramel, where the cool minty freshness meets the rich, buttery sweetness of caramel. Dive into the delightful crunch of our Cookies & Cream Caramel, a symphony of velvety caramel infused with decadent cookie crumbles.

For the classic connoisseur, our Milk Caramel offers a timeless indulgence, with its smooth, creamy texture and luscious caramel flavor. And for those who prefer a darker, more intense experience, our Dark Caramel presents a luxurious blend of bittersweet chocolate and caramel goodness.